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Custom Designed Walk In Closet

Design by Brown installs custom closet solutions that transform your space into a functional and organized closet room that you will be proud to show off. Our team of professional interior designers will develop a custom floor plan specific to your closet needs, as well as handle all closet furniture installations, so all you're left with is the perfect closet solution.

Our interior design experts work with the best closet furniture manufacturers in the world, so you can be sure the closet solution we design and install for you doesn't only look amazing, it is built strong to hold up to daily use.

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Giellesse Wardrobes

Design by Brown is a proud partner with world renowned furniture manufacturer Giellesse. Our exclusive partnership allows us to provide the best Giellsse has to offer in terms of modern wardrobe furniture and closet storage solutions.

The natural elegance combined with the glossy lacquer finish is what makes Giellesse furniture the top pick when it comes to designer closet furniture. Their wardrobe product lines comes in a variety of colors, allowing our interior designers to come up with the perfect wardrobe to fit your home. All pieces by Giellesse are vastly configurable, allowing us to combine multiple pieces to create the perfect closet storage space to fit all your needs.

Giellesse Cabin Series Emotional Night Collection

A design that transforms space into a studio workshop, with fascinating simplicity and flexibility. An infinite combination of full and empty spaces, lines and surfaces, containers, and accessories, to create an atmosphere of irresistible elegance and satisfy any functional need. Technology that becomes an art of furnishing and living, with made-to-measure solutions for every space and desire.

Giellesse Ottopiu Series Emotional Night Collection

Calgary Closet Renovations

When you hire Design by Brown to design and install your new closet, we will work with you to make sure all your exact requirements are met and the end product is both beautiful and functional. We provide in-home consultations to go over your closet space and all the requirements you have, and we will start designing your custom space with you so you know every piece that goes into your wardrobe and closet build.

Step 1- Consultation

Our interior designers will meet with you and design a detailed plan that not only meets all your requirements, but also stays within your predefined budget.

Step 2- Project Management

Once we have got confirmation that our closet floor plans are accepted, we will start scheduling the remainder of your closet renovation. We will work with you to outline all the particulars that are involved with your closet renovation, as well as design all the specifics such as unit size and storage needs. At this time of the process we will be able to provide exact floor plans of how your new wardrobe will look as well as positioning of all your closet furniture pieces.

Step 3- Renovations

Once we have finalized the project guidelines, and have defined all your renovation requirements, we will turn our attention to getting your space ready for the closet installation. If there is any demolition required, our interior design experts will get this completed for you, to open the space up for your new wardrobe. We will be focused on any electrical, plumbing, framing and carpentry renovations that may also be required with this home renovation.

Step 4- Wardrobe Installation

After completion of renovating the space for your new closet, our Calgary interior design experts will start installing all the new furniture to complete your new closet renovation. Our designers will also put focus on installing the drywall, flooring, baseboards, trim, paint, carpentry and lighting to ensure your closet is fully functional and complete to our standards. By the end of this stage we will not only have the entire room re-designed, but we will also have all the closet furniture properly installed and we will complete any finishing touches required.

Step 5- Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Now that your custom closet wardrobe renovation is completed, we will perform a detailed walk thru with you to ensure your satisfaction with not only our renovations but also all the custom closet furniture that is installed. Design by Brown ensures your 100% satisfaction with our completed project, and will mark the project as complete only after you have confirmed our expectations.

Reach-In vs Walk-In Closets

Before you start designing your next closet renovation with us, it is important to understand the differences between the main closet types we are able to design and install.

Walk-In Closets

calgary custom walk in closet renovation

Usually found in master bedroom suites due to their luxurious size, versatility and storage options, a walk-in closet offers you with extra space for a dressing area or vanity. When considering a new custom walk-in closet renovation, it is important that you consider the furniture and overall design of your closet.

Ideally with a walk-in closet, you set up different zones that cater to specific needs defined pre-design stage. It is most common to use the top level of your closet space as a storage system, where we are able to provide you with modern designed and fashionable storage units to fit in place. Mid-level, otherwise referred to as the 'hot zone' of the closet, you want to maximize storage for things like watches, jewelry, or any other fashionable accessories you might own.

Another option to consider when designing your new walk-in closet is the ability to add a center island. A properly designed and installed center island in your closet adds a large storage unit that allows you to free up space on your walls. A proper center island should be no less than 6.5 feet wide to allow for easy access on all sides.

Reach-In Closets

custom calgary reach-in closet installation

A reach-in closet ranges anywhere from 3 to 8 feet wide in size, with a limited depth of between 24 to 30 inches. A reach-in closet is usually found in hallways and second bedrooms of your house, and were originally designed with a single rod for hanging clothes under a shelf. However, Design by Brown has extensive experience in designing and installing custom reach-in closets, that go far beyond the original concept idea of these closets.

When designing a reach-in closet, it is important to consider the amount of storage you want included in the closet space. With the ability to design any custom solution for your closet renovation, we are able to include mutli-tiered shelving units to allow for maximum storage if desired. Another consideration when designing your new closet space is the accessibility you want to the space. Though reach-in closets are not very deep, you still want to be aware of the height that some storage shelves may be placed at.