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Our Mission

Our mission is to represent the latest in design and construction solutions. We combine an artist’s vision with leading industry technology to revolutionize the look and feel of any space.

Corporate Biography

Design by Brown is a Canada based design management firm and an international distributor of high-scale glass technology and furnishings. Our team of skilled professionals will provide you with the best in service and the latest in design solutions.

Our Team

Lee Brown


Lee Brown, the founder of Design by Brown, has over thirty years experience in design and project management as well as the landscape design industry. As the company’s lead designer and developer, he believes in collaborative solutions through partnership with other industry leaders.

John C. Strawn

Art Director

John is an Arts Advisor, Curator and Gallerist who bringing a lifetime of passion and work experience in support of the Arts. John is a firm believer in the clear role that Fine Art plays in the understanding and appreciation of our shared environments as well as our most private spaces.
The uniqueness of The Gallery’s collection is a reflection of that passion and commitment which extends to working with our valued collectors.