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Design by Brown is a Calgary based design firm that uses revolutionary technologies in design and construction to enhance space. We represent four cutting edge product lines, provide contemporary design solutions, and create custom interior and exterior environments. Our products and services represent the latest in design technology and contemporary living space.

  • Services:
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Ergonomic planning
  • Project management
  • Art and photography
  • Purveyor of design, art and furnishings

Interior & Exterior Design

Design by Brown is a professional interior and exterior design company offering the best in high scale design and contemporary furniture, accessories and furnishings, lighting, and window coverings. Our mandate is to provide unique yet practical design solutions for high-end and custom homes as well as select commercial projects. We also provide first-class residential and commercial space planning and project management. We don’t just design; we create environments.

Art & Photography

Design by Brown provides exclusive access to custom-designed contemporary art, framing, interior and landscape sculpture, and architectural and life photography. We’ll enhance your space with fine art that reflects your distinct taste and individuality.

Design Installations

Design by Brown offers an all-inclusive project management service for projects of all size. Prior to any physical design overhauls or renovations, we walk each client through a three-step process: review all potential options, set design goals, and refine the design strategy. Options are as vast as the imagination, as we take a highly creative approach to each project strategy. This includes coordinating and integrating the design and directing all trades as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Discover the luxury of complete building success when our design management team works with you to create your dream space.

Project Management

With over 40 years of combined experience in the construction and design industry, we define each project by efficiency from conception to completion.

Construction & Construction Management

With over 40 years of combined experience, our management personnel possess industry expertise that is unrivalled.

Landscape Design & Construction

No property design is complete without a fabulous exterior. Design by Brown designs and constructs luscious landscapes for commercial and residential properties.